Friday, 7 May 2010

Sorry, ruby, mum & pressies :)

Hiya everyone sorry I have been gone for so long I promise I will post more in the future xx

Accept my apology... pwetty pwetty pwease??? (please)

On another topic, the other day I went to my Nan and grandads house in hastings and I took some really funny photos on my new phone (LG cookie) and also Nanny Irene got me a 4GB memory card so yay :)

This pic aught to embarrass her in a few years :D

And when she is 13 I'll be 23 so that gives me right to embarrass her in front of her friends :D
hehe, althought enough of that lol, I wanna congratulate my Mummy as she has done really really well on her diet, she has nearly loat a whole STONE I could never do that not in a million years lol (well maybe one day but right now I do not have the will power!) anyways she has stuck by this diet even though I have forgotten so many times that she is on a diet and have waved yummy treats in her face offering her some of it. I am used to offering sweets and crisps etc around and I keep automatically doing it to my mum. So well done Mummy :D

And lastly I wanna thank Gail for my pressies they are wonderful and I love them lots :) Wanna looksie???

Very sweet and lovely :) I love them lots :D

Thats all from me, Devvie xx

P.S. You should totally enter this it is AMAZING!!!