Thursday, 23 July 2009

Teddy Time!!!

This is the card I've made for the Teddy Stampers Challenge no.2. I used a red piece of card, a purple piece of bazill card to stamp on and made a frame with white and clear buttons. The stamp is a Newtons law stamp, the embossed card is Love Elsie which I inked with purple distress ink, the tape on the corners is Lace frame tape. I hope you like it :)

Sunday, 19 July 2009

What I've been up to and Danley

Wow, I havn't posted in ages (oopsie) well I am now. I am very happy as it is the Summer holidays, yaaaay. Then again I am also very sad as my school is Danley and they are now closing, all the teachers were crying, then at our very last assembly they put up this big thing on the stage that said "Goodbye Danley" and that set everyone off. When the end of school came all the teachers where standing at the main gate and were looking a bit teary, they were signing all our shirts and books. Me and two of my best mates were trying hard not to be upset and cry because that night we were having a sleepover. Still, two other of my besties cried and needed cuddles. That day we had a half day. I'll never forget Danley.

About a week before Danley closed my bezzie slept over and I managed to tempt her into scrapbooking (yay me!!!) all i had to do was show her all my scrappy stash, my scrapbook and my Mums and then that was it, "Wicked, cool, ohhh, I'm taking up scrapbooking!!!" We made a page together and this is what it looks like, she is the one on the left, short brown hair. If you cant see it then if you click on it then it should enlarge. You can mostly see what we used and we had a great time making it. Me and Mum have decided to bring her along to a craft class, and then Ally Pally in April.

The night she went home me and my Dad went fishing. We caught a really big fish and Dad nearly lost his rod and almost fell in!!!
The fish looked all slimy so I didn't touch it (yuk), it was about 7 or 8 pounds. We stayed out for about 5 hours and I had to go to a little shop I found to get some snacks. This is me with the fish, I looked but didn't touch!!! It was fun but we didn't catch any other fish except for the titchy one I
caught as the biggun took ages to get in the net and disturbed the water so that was the only big one we caught. I don't know why it wouldn't go in, we were gonna set it free after a piccy. About an hour before we left, a boy about 13 came and sat in a spot near us and I said to my Dad, if he gets one before we get another then I will go over there and tell him off. He just laughed but then again we caught another (the titchy one) before him and he must of stropped off because all together he only stayed about 15 minutes because when we caught the fish, 5 minutes later he left.