Sunday, 28 March 2010

Cards and everythin else x

Hiya, sorry for not posting in a while *embarrased look* *tears to eyes*, cakes for all lol.

By the way I didnt make those I dont have the talent and patience to make those lol I found them on the internet. Credit to whoever made those.

Moving on the other day mhy cousin Toni had a baby girl so I thought I would make her a card.
As they say the stork brings the baby so here -

Over view (so that you can see that it is decoupage.

Side view so that you can see the embossed stars.

I hope you like the card :) I hope Toni liked the card :) The other day one of my best friends (Alice) sent me this pic in an email I think it is sweet x

I am the tall one at the back (having to kneel to fit in the piccy *rolleyes!*), Alice is bottom right (she is sitting down), April is bottom left (kneeling). That pic is from when we were in Danley but know we are in the accademy we hardly see Alice anymore :'(

Last of all, as a random ending -

I edited this tea picture by adding words, I just felt random last night and made it lol.

Thanks you, Dev xx