Sunday, 28 June 2009

Cards, cards, cards

I went to a craft class today. We made cards and this is one of them. We used these little flowery things (they are at the bottom of the congratulations) We mounted the second floral part with foam pads - they make it stand up.

I preffered this card to the first one.
We stamped the dandelion clock image then heat embossed it to make it shiny. It doesn't show very well in the picture but it is mounted on silver mirrored card.The writing says 'For Somone Special' and I gave it to my Dad.

This last card I made last night using the fabby tutorial here. It's called a tri-fold card. I don't have the stamps that they used in the tutorial so I used some of my Tracy Beaker stash. I thought it would be really hard but it is really simple. I got my Mum to do all the cutting as I don't like using her craft knife especially when my little sister is running around :P But I did all the folding and everything else. I made it for my Mums friend who we went to the card class with today because she gave me loads of clothes (yay!)

All the pictures are clickable if you want them bigger to see them better. The ladybirds, spotty ribbons and square chipboard shapes weren't from the TB set they were from my stash.

Hope you like them :)

Saturday, 27 June 2009

I have won something else!!!

Yaaaaaay, I have won something else. It is a Parfums Love Set, I absolutely love it :) In the set it has three bottles of Parfums Love Perfume, the dark pink one says My Love, the purple one says You and Me, the light pink one says First Kiss.
I got a bottle of their deodorant, four vests - two of them are shown, I got another First Kiss one and a My Love one.

The nail varnish Mum one but she gave them to me because she didn't wan't them, they are by Jessica, one is red (as you can probably see!) and the other one is clear because it is top layer to make the one you have already got on shiny or wear on its own to make your nails shiny. I love my Mummy and my prizes loads!

My Dad brought me a magazine which cost him £8.00 and I love him and it loads as well!
This is
what it looks like:

It is a big set!!! It came with loads of Tracy beaker scrapbooking set. It had rub ons, stickers, chipboard, diecuts, paper, cardboard cut outs, sequins, ribbon, buttons... absolutely loads of stuff. Also in the magazine it had loads of ideas for you to do, like cards, bookmarks, scrapbooks etc. Also, it had an interview with Jacqueline Wilson (my fav author) and Nick sharrat (wish I could draw the way he does). The price wasn't put up for the TB stuff as it is normally that price because they do big sets to go with it - I'm not getting next weeks one, it comes with nitting stuff.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Latest scrappy page.

This is my latest scrappy page, its my artistic sister Ruby. It is my fav page so far and I feel like I am getting better :)
This is my dads favourite as well, mum said it's joint fav with my page that I did on our cat we used to have.
I haven't had much time to do scrapping lately because of school, huge project (on the solar system) that I had to catch up on then got very annoyed and think my teacher is out of order because everyone who couldn't be bothered to do it over half term, got an extra weeks extension (only me, April and a couple other people did it on time) grrrr!
Now, back to my page, I got the flowers from a matchbox swap I did, the lettering (only the CUTE part) and backing paper from the scrappy area in Chathams Poundland, the little blocks I cut up off some paper from mums paper stash, Cosmo cricket (I think), and the Wise from Mum doing some embossing on the cuttlebug. Hope you like it. :)

Saturday, 6 June 2009

My lil sis

This is my baby sister, Ruby - she is 19 months old and she loves to draw :) This is her drawing just in front of the dining room window so when she turns around she can see Daddy with his birds!!! Whenever she does see him out the window she starts shouting "Daddy" or "Dirdy" in a really high pitch voice!!!
She looks so sweet when she's drawing there is so much concentration on her face. You can't just give her a couple of pencils, you have to give her the whole pack other wise she'll scream

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Yay, been off school all day today as its teachers training day :):):)
Went up to the hospital to see my uncle then made my baby sister lunch.
Oh am reading this book called My Secret Diary by Jacqueline Wilson - it actually has extracts from her real diary when she was younger, its really good. Next am gonna read New Moon (the follow on from Twilight - really good book) just waiting for Mum to read it (grrrr!).


Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Day 2

Day 2 of having my blog and I think it is so cool.

Today I have been making a house out of a cereal box - don't know why just felt like it, my little sister did one too, she's 8. Mine is a bit rubbish as its not a very big box but its okay.

It was my Dads b-day today and we had this cake (yummy). We ate our piece before dinner and I couldn't finish my dinner!!! It is in the microwave for later.
I brought him a pair of light brown trousers and a 3ft edible snake (in which he has eaten!).
He did wear the trousers to but took them off because one of our dogs kept jumping up and biting at them.