Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas time and boxing day...

Wow I love christmas and this year was fab... I got a new friend, and today we went to see our nan and grandad in hastings :) Although we aren't allowed to call him grandad because it makes him feel old lol.

I got loads of presents on christmas like... a pink bag with little white love hearts all over it, lots of hannah montana/miley cyrus stuff, a monkey scratch foil art, lots of sweeties, scrapbooking stuff, a babyliss hair set, and loads more :)

But one of my favourite presents was...

My new friend... MONKEY!!!

I love my new monkey and I wonder... is he any relation or friend to this monkey???
Monkey has another set of clothes which is a hawaiian shirt with green shorts :)

We had loads of fun at nana Irene and Grandad Mick's house... we got to open lots more presents, we had christmas dinner, played a DVD quiz game, played on our new DS games on multiplayer so we could all join up... then we slept over and I got to sleep on the airbed it is so cool and comfy.

Bye everyone... hope you had a lovely christmas :)

Tuesday, 22 December 2009


free glitter text and family website at

Singer - Miley Cyrus

Actor - Sid Owen

Actress - Patsy Palmer
Food - Watermellon

Colour - Blue

T.V show - Eastenders

Drink - Tea ;)

Place - Where ever my mates are

Film - A Cinderella Story

Song -
Party in the USA

Tea or Coffee - Tea
Restaurant or take away - Restaurant
Ice Cream or Ice Lolly - Ice lolly
Savoury or sweet - Sweet
Eastenders or Corri: Eastenders
Soap or Reality: Both dunno what one
New Look or peacocks - New Look
Money or Presents - Money, I think
Christmas or Birthday - Christmas
Chinese or indian take away - Chinese
Sport or tv - Sport
Sunny or snowy - both

Alice goes to a singing, dancing and acting club called razzamataz. Me and Alice have a nickname thing where I am Ice and she is Gem!!! This is Alice's website :) Alice's favourite thing is life and her second favourite is friendship, awww :)

free glitter text and family website at

Forever Friends Challenge Cards

Hiya everyone... I know this isn't the post I said I'd do on Alice but I am still working on that. This post is for a forever friends challenge and if you want to do it then this is the blog and this is what you do -

"This week we have an open theme, so really anything goes!!

But there is a twist: we are looking for a guest designer, and we will invite our favourite from this challenge to be a guest designer for us.
The challenge runs for two weeks"

I made a couple of cards I hope you like them as I really love forever friends and hope to get some more stamps and stash by forever friends when I go to Ally Pally in April with Mum and April :)

I don't know if you can see from my photos (as it was getting dark when we took them) but the armchair card has embossed stars on the top and bottom.

Thank you for looking :)

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Mixture of everything

Hiya, wow I haven't posted in ages... oops :S My apologies everyone :(:(:(

Well it has snowed...loads and it has been here for two or three days now, hopefully we will get more though. CHRISTMAS IS SOOOOO SOON... WOOOOOO :) I am very excited - I have wrapped everyone but one of my Dad's presents, my mum's presents, my aunts and my nan's :(

Urm... oh yeah one of my best friends (Alice) has a website and she did a page on me (awww) this is it :) I hope you like it.

snow pics...

And I'm gonna do the next post on her...

Right I'm gonna go so I can get started on her post :)