Saturday, 10 July 2010

Journaling with my mum :)

Hiya all x

I have started this 30 day journal and I quite like it :) I've only done 2 prompts but I am gonna do more. I am doing it with Mum so we randomly choose one we fancy doing. We both do a page at the same time... of course we have to make sure we both have a pencil as there is a weird stationary situation when there shouldn't be as I'm always buying the stuff it just goes missing lol.

Anyways here is my first one... Prompt 1 :)
I think that if you click on it, it will be bigger. This page is supposed to be what represents you. I think. Well I have my name... duh :P A monkey as they are my favourite animal, lovehearts dotted here and there as am girly, somewhere on there is a cheese I think I drew an Edam and I don't even particularly like that kind but I find it the easiest cheese to draw, sweets, shops, paintbrush, my family, the vampire is mum (she actually has purple hair), the man with a bird on his shoulder is my Dad Craig, the black haired one is Phoebe (although she has brown hair lol) my annoying sister... didn't know how to represent her so did a flower on her top as she has this floral skirt she wears a lot and the littlest one is Ruby my lickle ickle sis. I didn't colour it in because I preferred it black and white. I hope you like that one.

Second one... Prompt: This prompt was the best part of your day and mine is the cuddles with my dad at the end of the day. I think this one is easier to see but again I think if it is clicked on you will see it better.

Well I think my Mums ones are deffinately better if you head over to her blog now. Also right now my Monkey (remember him?) has been kidnapped by my ickle wickle sis and is being hugged annd is being fed jelly babies lol.

Devon xxx