Sunday, 13 February 2011

Blogging again.

Hello everyone,

Sorry it's been so long, been caught up with school stuff like projects and exam coursework. So i'm really sorry.

the week before last (I think!) after school on a Wednesday my auntie took me to see Wicked the musical. It was amazing.

Wicked tells the story of the early friendship between Glinda The Good and the Wicked Witch of the West. My favourite songs were Defying Gravity and Popular and you find out were the tinman, cowardly lion and scarecrow come from, but I wont say in case you haven't seen or read Wicked.
Rachel Tucker starred as Elphaba (she had an amazing voice especially on defying gravity) and Lee Meads (the one from Joseph and the Technicolour Dream Coat) starred as Fiyero I don't know what the names of the rest of the characters are because I didnt buy a program, but Glinda was very funny in it as well. So I think it is something to see at the theatre or to read, which I have yet to do.

Also, Happy Valentines day everyone, I hope you have had a lovely day :) Mum and Dad got me some minstrals and a Lindt reindeer so that was the highlight of my day today!

Thank you for reading my blog :) <3>

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hello Everyone,

Well your probably opening presents, eating christmas dinner or watching christmas TV specials so I'll be quick.
I hope you all have a great christmas. I hope you get
what you wish for and have a great time with your family and friends.

Merry Christmas!

See ya later guys xx

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Oops, I havnt posted in a long while but I have a few things to post about so will be over the next few days.
A couple of weeks ago I had to make a mask for Textiles at school. I told Mum and she took me to this blog and showed me this post! Also she
posted this mask as well. Ok then - this is my mask ~

Excuse the school uniform!

It's not as good as hers but its okayish! I made it by -
1. Drawing a picture of a mask on an A4 sheet of paper and cutting it out.
2. Using the template I cut out some red card, I put the mask to my face and drew little circles where the my eyes roughly were then cut out eye holes.
I then painted it in about 2-3 coats of eggplant purple paint (we didnt have any dark purple card).
4. When it was dry I used a make up puffa thingy (it was sparkly powder stuff you put on your face) and padded it all over the mask, it made it look sparkly and sorta cloudy!
5. After this I used some of Mum's gems to put in the corner. I did one biggish one in the corner of the eyes then a small one then a tiny gem heart.
I punched some holes and tied on some elastic.
7. Lastly I glued on some fabricy leaves in the corners (we didnt have any feathers) and then made two flowers with fake flowers and brade and stuck them on top of the leaves (this covered up the holes).

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you liked it x

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Project Manga - drawing 2

Hello again :)

Well I completed me second Manga drawing last night, this time it is a side view of Daisy, (Daisy is the girl it shows how to draw face views iykwim lol) Urm... dont know what else to say so I will show you her -

Well, what do you think? It is better than my last one me reckons :D The hair was so much easier to do when your drawing it as a ponytail rather than a bun it wouldnt seem like it seeing as you have to draw it all and on the bun you only draw a part but hey I'm the girl who thinks decopauge is easier and better than stamping. Thats weird but my hair colour says a lot for that lol. I am much more pleased with this one than I was my first one :) And as you can see I kept the big lashes like I said I would.

Ok I think thats all for today.

Oh yeah, been playing Theme Hospital a lot this week, I completely forgot about that game until I found it whe I tidied my room at the beginning of the week The thing is the graphics on it arent that great so it wouldnt download onto my computer because it is a newer model or whatever. Luckily it downloaded onto Mums and me and Mum dont want to be beaten by its harder levels :'( :D

Wel, give me your views on Theme hospital and my Manga please :)

Devvie xx

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Project Manga

Hello everyone,

I have taken up Manga drawing art. I think it is a really cool style of drawing and I would love to be able to draw really good manga in my own style. I have gotten a Manga book out of the library whilst I am wishing away for one for Christmas :D I have only done one drawing so far but I am going to do some more soon.

She's not amazing, the eyelashes are to big, the face is to small, the neck is too long and the hair isn't exact but its a start! And I might keep the big eyelashes that's one way to make it my own style :)
I haven't coloured it in because in the book it says not to colour the first one because the colouring technique's are later on etc... etc...! The next sketch/drawing is sideward glance of the same girl who in the book is named as Daisy. Then it has front and side for a boy.

I hope you like my drawing. Thanks for any comments or criticism.