Sunday, 13 February 2011

Blogging again.

Hello everyone,

Sorry it's been so long, been caught up with school stuff like projects and exam coursework. So i'm really sorry.

the week before last (I think!) after school on a Wednesday my auntie took me to see Wicked the musical. It was amazing.

Wicked tells the story of the early friendship between Glinda The Good and the Wicked Witch of the West. My favourite songs were Defying Gravity and Popular and you find out were the tinman, cowardly lion and scarecrow come from, but I wont say in case you haven't seen or read Wicked.
Rachel Tucker starred as Elphaba (she had an amazing voice especially on defying gravity) and Lee Meads (the one from Joseph and the Technicolour Dream Coat) starred as Fiyero I don't know what the names of the rest of the characters are because I didnt buy a program, but Glinda was very funny in it as well. So I think it is something to see at the theatre or to read, which I have yet to do.

Also, Happy Valentines day everyone, I hope you have had a lovely day :) Mum and Dad got me some minstrals and a Lindt reindeer so that was the highlight of my day today!

Thank you for reading my blog :) <3>