Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Valentines Card and paint...

Hiya, I made a valentines day card for the teddy stampers challenge blog :D

Here it is...

I used the matt and layer technique for the love heart paper, the brownish paper and the bear, the love heart is on foamy pads. The ribbon is a paper strip and the little banner thingy says Happy Valentines day :)

Also does everyone know what paint is on the computer or laptop. Well I made this thing on paint lasdt nigh, hope you like it...

If you click on it you will see it better, it is of me and my lil sis Ruby, I would have put Phoebe on there but I dont have a pic of her on my laptop.
the second square is a pic I took on webcam and edited, the 6th and 8th squares where taken from a camera. The rest I drew on paint. I hope you like it and it will be larger if you click on it :)

Byesy bye xx

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Embossed card

The other day I made a card for the teddy stampers challenge blog, my Mums friend (Gail :D) gave the embossed card to my Mum, she gave it to me and it was done by the cuttlebug. The teddies are forever friends stamps and the pink parts are coloured in with felt tips.

I hope you like it :)