Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Ally Pally and school.

Hiya, not been on in a while because of school, it is such a pain :( I get 5 peices of homework a week (sometimes more) and the maths is always in for the next day. I don't understand it. Also I am super scared as we are getting the cancer jab quite soon :( I don't get why boys cant have an extra jab too - I understand why they can't have that one but still, they can get other cancer. Well moving on to a better topic than school we went to Ally Pally yesterday :) I have only took one pic of the stash so far but you will see the rest of the stash I bought when I put up what I have crafted or when I take a pic :)

You may have to click on it to make it bigger but it is a forever friends set :) there will be another pic as couldn't fit all the stuff in one pic :)I love forever friends stuff they are so cute. So this is the birthday one (there was a christmas one but I prefered the look of this one much more) I managed to get a look at them before I bought one as they had two opened already to show you - I was very lucky as there was only two of the birthday ones left. As I was saying, this is the birthday one and I got a really good bargain as QVC are selling this for £60 and the stalll I brought it from were selling it for £20 BARGAIN!!!

This is the rest of the stash there is a lot :) there is also three stamps which were included but when I brought a forever friends stamp last time it cost me nearly £6.00.

Got to go - Hope you like my blog.

Bye xxx