Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Valentines Card and paint...

Hiya, I made a valentines day card for the teddy stampers challenge blog :D

Here it is...

I used the matt and layer technique for the love heart paper, the brownish paper and the bear, the love heart is on foamy pads. The ribbon is a paper strip and the little banner thingy says Happy Valentines day :)

Also does everyone know what paint is on the computer or laptop. Well I made this thing on paint lasdt nigh, hope you like it...

If you click on it you will see it better, it is of me and my lil sis Ruby, I would have put Phoebe on there but I dont have a pic of her on my laptop.
the second square is a pic I took on webcam and edited, the 6th and 8th squares where taken from a camera. The rest I drew on paint. I hope you like it and it will be larger if you click on it :)

Byesy bye xx

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  1. Sorry i havent gone onto your blog for a while ! I have so many blogs to visit but will try harder. Lovely Valentines card xxxx
    Jayne xxx


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