Thursday, 17 June 2010

A new card and a batik cat :)

Hello all :)

A couple of weeks back at school in textiles class we were making wall hangings and we had to choose an animal and I choose a lynx cat in some bushes waiting for his prey!!! Although it doesnt look like a lynx cat I think it looks a little like a cat but instead of in a bush he looks as if he is looking into a fish tank lol.

Also all that white stuff is the wax, we had to wax out the outline with these weird things and it kinda went a bit blotchy, oh well. After that we had to paint them in dye. When they were dry we ironed out the excess wax and sewed on any felt bits we wanted in a blanket stitch kind of way. lastly we folded the top, sewed it with a running stitch, weaved a contrasting colour thought that and put a rod in. Oh I almost forgot we had to make a piece of string sorta but getting to bits of long wool and twisting them round together loads until it was tight then we tied it on. After all that it only cost 50p for us to take it home :) The best thing was that mum likes it :):):)

Secondly the card for the teddy stampers challenge blog.

This time the theme was summer bears so I pictured a bear in a flower meadow. Here it is

I made it by first stamping an image of a forever friends bear that was holding a balloon but I tried to ink around the balloon so it didnt show up then i stamped lots of flowers, after this I drew a flower in the place of the balloon and put glittery stuff in the middle of the flower.Then I drew stalks on the stamped flowers with a green sharpie like marker pen, I coloured in the bear and flowers with mums pro-markers and finally I used a peel off sticker for Happy Birthday and stuck two sticker stars on.

Ok then thats all for now :)


  1. I love, love, love your card! I want it :] We used to do batik. I always did it wrong lol.

    Great work!

    Apsy :] xxx

  2. My batik was never as nice as yours Devon - it's fab! Love the expression on cat's face! Sweet card, love the different colour meadow flowers.

  3. I love the batik cat Devvie. Will have to get a hook fixed up high because I think Ruby loves it a bit to much too!

  4. LOVE your batik piece ...when it is hung everyone will stop and look is very good.

    Thankyou for the nice comment about my zentangles ...ofcourse you could do one ...all you need is a point of 0.5 or less pen (ask your mum)or a set if it works for you, a sheet of white paper, a little courage to make the first mark and the imagination to let the pen go on a journey around the paper ....stopping to fill areas with what ever pattern takes your fancy. Dont try too hard or plan it ahead ...just 'go with the flow'...and enjoy. I am useless at drawing but if I were good I could achieve even more ...Good Luck xx

  5. I used to love Batik when I was a kid at school !
    Your cat is great xx

  6. A super card Devon, great to have you design for TS again. hugs Sharon


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