Saturday, 27 June 2009

I have won something else!!!

Yaaaaaay, I have won something else. It is a Parfums Love Set, I absolutely love it :) In the set it has three bottles of Parfums Love Perfume, the dark pink one says My Love, the purple one says You and Me, the light pink one says First Kiss.
I got a bottle of their deodorant, four vests - two of them are shown, I got another First Kiss one and a My Love one.

The nail varnish Mum one but she gave them to me because she didn't wan't them, they are by Jessica, one is red (as you can probably see!) and the other one is clear because it is top layer to make the one you have already got on shiny or wear on its own to make your nails shiny. I love my Mummy and my prizes loads!

My Dad brought me a magazine which cost him £8.00 and I love him and it loads as well!
This is
what it looks like:

It is a big set!!! It came with loads of Tracy beaker scrapbooking set. It had rub ons, stickers, chipboard, diecuts, paper, cardboard cut outs, sequins, ribbon, buttons... absolutely loads of stuff. Also in the magazine it had loads of ideas for you to do, like cards, bookmarks, scrapbooks etc. Also, it had an interview with Jacqueline Wilson (my fav author) and Nick sharrat (wish I could draw the way he does). The price wasn't put up for the TB stuff as it is normally that price because they do big sets to go with it - I'm not getting next weeks one, it comes with nitting stuff.


  1. thosew prizes sound cool! well done for winning:)

    I've seen that mag too! my mum was with me when i saw it and she said i would have to buy it with my own money.

  2. Can't wait to see what you create with your new stash Devon :)

  3. You are very lucky winning that perfume ... I never win anything so I dont bother any more.
    You should have great fun with all the bits from the mag ... I look forward to seeing your creations.


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