Sunday, 14 June 2009

Latest scrappy page.

This is my latest scrappy page, its my artistic sister Ruby. It is my fav page so far and I feel like I am getting better :)
This is my dads favourite as well, mum said it's joint fav with my page that I did on our cat we used to have.
I haven't had much time to do scrapping lately because of school, huge project (on the solar system) that I had to catch up on then got very annoyed and think my teacher is out of order because everyone who couldn't be bothered to do it over half term, got an extra weeks extension (only me, April and a couple other people did it on time) grrrr!
Now, back to my page, I got the flowers from a matchbox swap I did, the lettering (only the CUTE part) and backing paper from the scrappy area in Chathams Poundland, the little blocks I cut up off some paper from mums paper stash, Cosmo cricket (I think), and the Wise from Mum doing some embossing on the cuttlebug. Hope you like it. :)


  1. Lovely page of your very pretty sister!! Your blog looks great, hope you get more visitors!!

  2. I love the monkees on your blog - it looks really good.
    I just started too - only blogged twice so far as it took all my energy to get it set up and then looking pretty.
    Keep up the good work Rose
    PS I LOVE Herbie

  3. Saw your plea on the forum so I thought I'd take a look. Well worth it. I love mokeys but maybe not quite as much as you My fav animals are cats! You are doing well with your layouts and I'm sure your Mum encourages you alot.
    Hope your school project got good marks .... I know what you mean about others getting extentions. When I was at school (a very very long time ago) I was the one who got into trouble for things others seemed to get away with. Thats life I suppose !!!!!
    Keep your going.

  4. Great blog!!
    I found your plee on UKS as I was poking around. I too have just started a blog and i think I could learn a thing or 2 from you.
    I hope you get top marks for your scholl project and extra points for getting it in on time.
    Keep up the great work!

  5. Well done with your LO! I hope you get good marks on your school project and tell your mum to hurry up and read New Moon you'll love it!!!

  6. I love your scrapbok page!! I think that yuo are a awesome crafter. Your sister is adorable too!!!!


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