Sunday, 20 December 2009

Mixture of everything

Hiya, wow I haven't posted in ages... oops :S My apologies everyone :(:(:(

Well it has snowed...loads and it has been here for two or three days now, hopefully we will get more though. CHRISTMAS IS SOOOOO SOON... WOOOOOO :) I am very excited - I have wrapped everyone but one of my Dad's presents, my mum's presents, my aunts and my nan's :(

Urm... oh yeah one of my best friends (Alice) has a website and she did a page on me (awww) this is it :) I hope you like it.

snow pics...

And I'm gonna do the next post on her...

Right I'm gonna go so I can get started on her post :)

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  1. Wow. YOu've had more snow than us; in fact, there's none left today, just really hard frost. Am off to look at Alice's post about you. Meantime, Happy Christmas!


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