Tuesday, 22 December 2009


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Singer - Miley Cyrus

Actor - Sid Owen

Actress - Patsy Palmer
Food - Watermellon

Colour - Blue

T.V show - Eastenders

Drink - Tea ;)

Place - Where ever my mates are

Film - A Cinderella Story

Song -
Party in the USA

Tea or Coffee - Tea
Restaurant or take away - Restaurant
Ice Cream or Ice Lolly - Ice lolly
Savoury or sweet - Sweet
Eastenders or Corri: Eastenders
Soap or Reality: Both dunno what one
New Look or peacocks - New Look
Money or Presents - Money, I think
Christmas or Birthday - Christmas
Chinese or indian take away - Chinese
Sport or tv - Sport
Sunny or snowy - both

Alice goes to a singing, dancing and acting club called razzamataz. Me and Alice have a nickname thing where I am Ice and she is Gem!!! This is Alice's website :) Alice's favourite thing is life and her second favourite is friendship, awww :)

free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com

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