Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Blog candy wins :)

Hello all,

I have been so lucky, I have won 2 blog candies :) I am so so so happy. I didnt win them both in the same time space but I won one and needed something else to post with it so here I am :)

First of all ~

I won this amazing prize from GreenPixey.The little tins are filled with little heart shaped mints, I got the red tin. So cute :)

And my latest prize ~

Uh huh I know. Amazing! Mum told me about this blog candy and I won it :) I won this from Linda. YAAAY :)

Thank you so much for my blog candies.

Devon x


  1. Well done Devvie :P You really deserve them too. I know I joke about a lot but am really happy for you. I am. Really. What?

    Big huggles x x x

  2. Woah....

    who dear? Me dear? jealous dear? No dear...

    ...perhaps a little... lol



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