Thursday, 26 August 2010

Project Manga

Hello everyone,

I have taken up Manga drawing art. I think it is a really cool style of drawing and I would love to be able to draw really good manga in my own style. I have gotten a Manga book out of the library whilst I am wishing away for one for Christmas :D I have only done one drawing so far but I am going to do some more soon.

She's not amazing, the eyelashes are to big, the face is to small, the neck is too long and the hair isn't exact but its a start! And I might keep the big eyelashes that's one way to make it my own style :)
I haven't coloured it in because in the book it says not to colour the first one because the colouring technique's are later on etc... etc...! The next sketch/drawing is sideward glance of the same girl who in the book is named as Daisy. Then it has front and side for a boy.

I hope you like my drawing. Thanks for any comments or criticism.


  1. I think she's amazing Devvie and I hope you keep it up :) I have no criticism because I thing she looks fab as is!

  2. That is so good ...look forward to seeing your next creation.

  3. You've angered Corey now.... he says yours is far better than his and you're putting it down!

    Then again I've seen his and I think it's fab-tastic!

    You have to come up and have a Manga sesh.. I'm no good at drawing at all...I can cross stitch my heart out and design them as they don't take much thinking

    ..but drawing it is sumink else!!!!

    Well done!


  4. If you've been wanting to learn How To Draw Manga, this is a great book for getting started. Simply follow the instructions and you'll start to get a feel for what to do. The more you draw, the more you see what works for you and your style.


Thank you for any comments, I love reading them and getting your advice :)