Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Oops, I havnt posted in a long while but I have a few things to post about so will be over the next few days.
A couple of weeks ago I had to make a mask for Textiles at school. I told Mum and she took me to this blog and showed me this post! Also she
posted this mask as well. Ok then - this is my mask ~

Excuse the school uniform!

It's not as good as hers but its okayish! I made it by -
1. Drawing a picture of a mask on an A4 sheet of paper and cutting it out.
2. Using the template I cut out some red card, I put the mask to my face and drew little circles where the my eyes roughly were then cut out eye holes.
I then painted it in about 2-3 coats of eggplant purple paint (we didnt have any dark purple card).
4. When it was dry I used a make up puffa thingy (it was sparkly powder stuff you put on your face) and padded it all over the mask, it made it look sparkly and sorta cloudy!
5. After this I used some of Mum's gems to put in the corner. I did one biggish one in the corner of the eyes then a small one then a tiny gem heart.
I punched some holes and tied on some elastic.
7. Lastly I glued on some fabricy leaves in the corners (we didnt have any feathers) and then made two flowers with fake flowers and brade and stuck them on top of the leaves (this covered up the holes).

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you liked it x


  1. You forgot to mention what your teacher said missy. Yes I will come and embarass you :D

    I think it's fab and really sparkly in real life.

  2. I too have not blogged enough this year gets in the way ...especially at your age. ....great maskxx


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