Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Project Manga - drawing 2

Hello again :)

Well I completed me second Manga drawing last night, this time it is a side view of Daisy, (Daisy is the girl it shows how to draw face views iykwim lol) Urm... dont know what else to say so I will show you her -

Well, what do you think? It is better than my last one me reckons :D The hair was so much easier to do when your drawing it as a ponytail rather than a bun it wouldnt seem like it seeing as you have to draw it all and on the bun you only draw a part but hey I'm the girl who thinks decopauge is easier and better than stamping. Thats weird but my hair colour says a lot for that lol. I am much more pleased with this one than I was my first one :) And as you can see I kept the big lashes like I said I would.

Ok I think thats all for today.

Oh yeah, been playing Theme Hospital a lot this week, I completely forgot about that game until I found it whe I tidied my room at the beginning of the week The thing is the graphics on it arent that great so it wouldnt download onto my computer because it is a newer model or whatever. Luckily it downloaded onto Mums and me and Mum dont want to be beaten by its harder levels :'( :D

Wel, give me your views on Theme hospital and my Manga please :)

Devvie xx


  1. Theme Hospital is EEEEEEvil. That is my view.

    Your manga is AWESOME on the other hand and can't wait to see when you move on to colour.

  2. I used to love Theme Hospital.

  3. tell your Mum she swears too much and I am a Cafetiere not a kettle and she is an Urn (ie) not a pot

    theme hospital?

    hmm might have to check that out...


  4. Wow fab drawing, that is really cool

  5. oh my...its years since i played theme hospital...but it sucked days at a time from my very sad life...*cleaner needed* ;0)

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Thank you for any comments, I love reading them and getting your advice :)